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You have brought into your bower a lions cub; delighted with the beauty of his fur, and the grace of his gambols, you betty boop backgrounds bound him with no fetters befitting the fierceness of his disposition. You have let him grow up as unawed as if he had been still a tenant of the forest, and now you are surprised, and call out for assistance, when he begins to ramp, rend, and tear, according to his proper nature. Mr. Warden, said the Lady, considerably offended, you are my husbands ancient friend, and I believe your love sincere to him and to his household. Yet let me say, that when betty boop backgrounds asked you for counsel, I expected not this asperity betty boop backgrounds rebuke. If I have done wrong in loving this poor orphan lad more than others of his class, I scarce think the error merited such severe censure; and if stricter discipline were required to keep his fiery temper in order, it ought, I think, to be considered, that I am a woman, and that if I have erred in betty boop backgrounds matter, it becomes a friends part rather to aid than to rebuke me. I would these evils were taken order with before my lords return. He loves not domestic discord or domestic brawls; and I would not willingly that he thought such could arise from one whom I favoured-What do you counsel me to do.
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